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ONE FINE DAY e.V. was founded in 2008 by Marie Steinmann and Tom Tykwer and is committed to helping children and young people in the non-formal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to support children and young adults from disadvantaged areas to discover their creative potential and take control of their own lives through practicing various artistic disciplines. More than 1000 students take part in our weekly creative classes in categories such as Visual Arts, Dance, Ballet, Drama & Film Acting, Music, Acrobatics and Creative Writing/Storytelling.


Why art? Because we are convinced that learning individual creative skills has a decisive influence on a person's life and significantly shapes self-confidence with regard to professional orientations and a self-determined life plan.


The long-term results prove us right. Many of the children and young people who have participated in our programs cite these experiences as a milestone in their decision-making and more courageous shaping of their life paths.  Some have gone on to careers in the disciplines they learned.


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Musik Workshop mit Cherilyn Mc Neil /

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One Fine Day Tätigkeitsberichte


Anhand dieser Tätigkeitsberichte können Sie sich über alle Projekte und Tätigkeiten der letzten Jahre ausführlich informieren. 

2022 Activity Report

2020 Jahresbericht 

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