Aims of the ANNO’S AFRICA Intensive Workshops 


Every year ANNO’S AFRICA organizes a two-month long Intensive Workshop, in which basic knowledge of artistic crafts and skills are imparted on children and young adults. The aim is to improved the lives and chances

of these children and, ideally, to help them use these skills to make a living later in life.


All ANNO’S AFRICA projects are carried out in collaboration with existing African social welfare organizations, orphanages or non-government schools, who in most cases are not subsidised by the government.


The Intensive Workshops also aim to benefit ANNO’S AFRICA’S Kenyan teachers through artistic exchange with a small team of European artists and creative professionals.


ANNO’S AFRICA’S dedication is grounded in the idea that it is a basic human right to experience childhood, which is characterized by creative play and the exploration of one’s artistic talents. ANNO’S AFRICA wants to enhance the confidence of children and to develop their strength to carve out a better future for themselves and their families. Slum children often have low self-esteem because their potential remains unexposed, which makes it all the more important to emphasize the personal development of children.

Over the past six years, the workshops have given hundreds of children room for artistic experience and expression, as well as new perspectives on their futures. ANNO’S AFRICA hopes to continue its work in the future with the 700 children it currently helps at partnering schools in Kibera and Mathare slums.  

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A short film by Bee Gilbert about a young girl from Kibera who want's to go to school