The Idea

Nairobi has a large and vibrant art scene but access to this is sadly limited to the middle and upper classes of the Kenyan population. One Fine Day tries to connect underprivileged slum children to artistic discovery by focusing its efforts at places where lack of money and infrastructure have - up until now - hampered any pursuit of activities such as painting, music, drama or dance.


Different sets of courses throughout the  One Fine Day Creative Clubs are taught year round by Kenyan teachers, with classes in Dance, Ballet, Painting, Drama, Music, Circus Acrobatics and Creative Writing at three different schools in the Mathare and Kibera slums.


Marie, Tom and the One Fine Day Team firmly believe that children and young adults will lead stronger, more imaginative and independent lives by being exposed to different creative disciplines, and believes in countering these children’s typically burdensome everyday lives – more often than not dominated by violence, poverty, disease – by providing space for artistic refuge. One Fine Day e.V. wants the children and their parents to be proud of what they learn and aspires to foster talents that would otherwise remain undiscovered.


All the One Fine Day instructors work in the fields in which they teach, be it, for example, as Circus Acrobats or Musicians. This also gives the children the opportunity to discover their teacher’s professional surroundings, which are places they would normally not have access to, such as a recording studio or theatre backstage.


Another part of the One Fine Day philosophy is the promotion of cultural and creative exchange between our European and Kenyan teachers and artists, and the involvement of contemporary artists from Berlin, and other European cities, in our Nairobi projects continues to prove a huge success.

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Find out more about the Masterclass with the Berlin based artist Zhivago Duncan and the One Fine Day Art Club Kibera in May 2014