Anno's Africa & One Fine Day Arts Centre




Anno’s Africa and One Fine Day e.V. are planning to set up an independent arts centre to give all children with in the Kibera community the chance to participate in our program.

As for now, our various creative Clubs and Workshops are taken place at our partner schools, we now want to create a space where we can provide a permanent place for the future where the children can follow up their exercise in all disciplines on regularly bases with the space and surrounding needed. We also would be able to give those kids a chance who are not able participating with in our program after changing to secondary schools. With this Arts Centre we hope to establish a model that will prove to be sustainable and effective and have a profound influence on the future work and career possibilities for many of these children.




We will be Independent from the schools restrictions with regard the selection of the children.The lessons can be held any time, and not dependent on the school children’s availability. Activities can be extended in many directions, for example by involving the community and the parents of the children and through evening classes, master classes from established artists etc.


The teachers will have easy access to the materials needed for their classes and storage facilities will safeguard the materials from theft of damage and improve the overall efficiency of the classes.


The Arts Centre will be a reliable location where children can spend their afternoons in safe and suitable environment with the option of being supervised and taken care of.


The normal lives of the children often involve violence both at home and at school. We want to create a safe and peaceful haven where they can grow and develop with out fear of t harassment by any positions of authority.


The educational impact will be increased through the continuity of a stable environment independent from other factors. We have found very noticeable improvement both academically, psychologically and socially in the children involved in the arts programme. The schools have all noted the improvement in the examination results of the OFD and Anno’s Africa children and the trainers have found that the children’s self esteem, confidence and general happiness has reflected markedly in their day to day lives.





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