The charity was set up in memory of Anno Birkin ( a young, gifted writer and musician who died in a car crash in 2001, just one month short of his 21st birthday. It was founded by his parents, and initially funded by proceeds from a book of his poetry, Who Said the Race Is Over, with the aim of offering less privileged children some of the creative opportunities that Anno himself enjoyed

The ANNO'S AFRICA Intensive Workshops 


ANNO’S AFRICA was founded in 2006 by British photographer Bee Gilbert in memory of her son Anno, who had died in a tragic car accident shortly before his 21st Birthday in 2001.


In his memory – and with the conviction that every child has creative potential worthy of expression – Bee started a six-week Art workshop in 2007at the St. John’s School in the Majengo Slum of Nairobi.

European mentors and Kenyan artists from Nairobi taught around 250 children from the school in different creative disciplines. Over the weeks, they created a vital arena for children and young adults to express their talent and show their artistic skills, the results of which were then showcased in a festive presentation before parents, relatives and friends. Every participant received a certificate of attendance and thus the first ANNO’S AFRICA intensive workshop was born with this hugely successful pilot.


In the past seven years, ANNO’S AFRICA Intensive Workshops have been established at three partnering schools: The St. John’s School in Kibera, the Valley View Academy in Mathare and, since 2013, also at the KAG School Kibera. During this time, arts education has been provided in tandem with the weekly One Fine Day creative Clubs.



Six Weeks Anno’s Africa Intensiv Workshop in Nairobi in April / May 2013
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Anno Birkin


There's hope despite time 
and its mindless pillage 
that seizes our bodies. 
This wreckage that's left, 
that we're left with that's 
no body's robe.  
We are thrown in the 
hope we will give it some 
noble demise, 
like to flame or to ashes or 
flashes of light that will 
humble the mightiest men. 
And then, when the worms are upon us, 
they'll know to become us as 
gently as possible. 
After all of the jostles of life. 

                           Anno, 4.11.2001 


short film by Bee Gilbert